Our Mission

Supporting global business owners who are taking on the challenge of solving the social problems of global resources and economic disparity through technology-based global business matching

Globalization and the Internet have made it possible for people, things, and objects to move freely across national borders. A new era is coming in which all people, things, and objects are connected. What is the new era like and what will happen to our lifestyle? And is the world becoming peaceful?

We have challenges to face and solve. "Economic disparity" created by excessive capitalism and overused resources. Economic disparity leads to poverty and human rights issues, and overused global resources lead to climate variability, water resources problems, soil pollution and ecosystem destruction. Maintaining current economic mechanics and human lifestyles can lead to the loss of the environment that exists today. There are high expectations for technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) as a means of expecting a solution to this problem. The rapid development of technology will change the work that humans do. It is expected to bring about major changes in human lifestyles. It is humans who handle technology. How do you understand the technology and integrate it with our lives?

We are at a "turning point" in history. What will become even more important in the future is the connection between people, each of which will lead to the formation of communities and collaboration. The people in the community are of various races, nationalities and cultures. We work to solve global social problems by communicating with people from completely different backgrounds. Through global business matching, which allows us to work in a diverse environment overlapping countries, regions and cultures, we hope to solve the problems of economic disparity and global resources overuse and create a future in which many people will feel joy and happiness.

Representative Director Takashi Ichikawa


Foreign Innovative Power X Japanese Incremental Improvement Ability 

What kind of strengths can we Japaneses bring to bear in solving global social problems? In order to create a solution to the economic disparity and overuse of the earth's resources that have emerged as a major problem, we are told that we need "disruptive innovation". Disruptive innovations are those that have such an impact on existing people's lives and values that they become the norm. Japan has struggled to create this disruptive innovation.

However, there is one innovation that the Japanese are very good at. There are two types of innovation: sustained innovation, which improves the quality of products and features, and efficient innovation, which allows them to produce more products with fewer resources. In other words, Kaizen capabilities.

All three types of innovation are necessary to solve global social problems, and disruptive innovation alone, which creates one from zero, will limit the scope of problems that can be solved. We Japanese need to rethink our strengths. The "Kaizen Power", which the Japanese are very good at, will be in the spotlight from now on as an essential part of spreading innovation around the world. However, there are very few companies that are able to visualize what kind of "kaizen" capabilities Japanese companies possess that third parties can understand.

We create new value for the world through business matching between foreign innovators and Japanese small and medium-sized companies with kaizen (improvement) capabilities. And we will continue to constantly explore and implement what Japan can contribute to the global community while embracing the latest technology.



We remain honest and impartial to everyone and everything.

Value Creation

We pursue innovation, creativity, and the latest technology without being bound by existing frameworks and values, and create new value that improves the world.

Up to challenges

We will continue to tackle on new challenges with an indomitable spirit to create a society where all people living in the future can live in peace.

Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

Through our business, Earth Explorer works to solve social issues and create value in order to create a world where many people around the world can spend their time with smiles.

Put an end to all forms of poverty

First of all, we are engaged in activities to eradicate poverty in Japan. The number of households living in poverty is increasing every year in Japan, where income disparities are widening, and the problem of child poverty is becoming more pronounced. The number of households living in poverty is increasing every year, and the problem of child poverty is becoming more pronounced. We work to create jobs and improve the working environment.

Provide equitable, quality education for all and promote lifelong learning opportunities

In a changing world, it is important to have a continuous and high quality education. Work on the educational revolution with EdTech. In addition, we will start a future creation project that will allow children to be absorbed in what they like.

Promote sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and productive full employment for all the people.

We are constantly making improvements, adopting the latest technology, and working to improve productivity without being bound by the conventional ways of working. Our business will grow by allowing each person involved in the business to find their own way of working and enjoyment in their work.

Promote sustainable industrialization and expand technological innovation.

Our EdTech business fosters global human resources. Global human resources will connect people, and the intersection of different industries will take place and become the foundation for technological innovation. We strive to constantly adopt new technologies and create sustainable systems.

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, robust and sustainable.

Tourism is an industry that is intimately connected to local communities. It must not interfere with the living environment of local residents. In order to develop the tourism industry, the local residents must take the initiative. We need to create a town where people can continue to live while growing the industry.

Take urgent action to combat climate variability and its consequences.

One of the most important issues to be solved by humanity. In all our business activities, we always think about how our activities directly or indirectly affect the climate change and what we can do to contribute to it. This is also an important issue for the tourism industry.

Strengthen implementation measures for sustainable development and revitalize global partnerships.

We will not limit our efforts to this company, but will always seek out partners with whom we can collaborate, and we will pursue the advantages of high quality and scale in our efforts to realize a sustainable society.