【Personalized TOKYO PRIVATE GUIDE by earth explore】

First of all, thank you for visiting our website.

We would like to offer you a Personalized Tour of Tokyo by Professional Japanese TOKYO TOUR GUIDE, who has a national guide license. This is a private tour for you. We are able to organize a tour according to requests from guest.

My favorite place to visit are Tsukiji Market or the secret hidden back streets spots like Kagurazaka, Sunamachi and local food restaurant. We can even take you out to unique restaurants or bars if you’re into that. Please tell us what you want to do, your likes/dislikes, or if you are Vegan and we can customize a plan just for YOU!

And our tour also offers a tour to comprehend Japanese business practice. This tour is for business travelers who would like to enter Japanese market however who need to understand Japanese culture and an original business practice to build a good relationship with Japanese company.

The originality of our service is “Bleisure guide tour”. Bleisure means “Business + Leisure”. We can combine our business interpretation service for you business and your or your family`s leisure guide service together and offer you.

【About the tour guide “Tak (Takashi) “】

It’s obvious to everyone who meets me that I love traveling. For last 20 years, I’ve been to 80 countries for both business and private objects. I have travel on the brain all the time. Travel is my passion. Travel helps me to understand people having a different background. I can also find beautiful aspect of nature by traveling. It expands my scopes and it gives me  a positive inspiration.

I am sure… I am crazy about traveling. I was born in New York/USA and grew up there by 7 years old. Before starting my elementary school period, my family came back in Japan. I got a main education in Japan by the university. After graduation from the university, I had started working for one of the biggest trading and investment company in Japan. I loved this job and I could have great business experience about business negotiation and building customer relationship with the clients abroad. From 2013 to 2018, I could get a chance to work in Dubai/UAE as a marketing and sales manager for Oil and Gas industry.  It was first time to spend a life with my family(a wife and 2 kids) abroad. Our family really enjoyed Dubai life and we traveled a lot from Dubai.

After coming back to Japan, I decided to change my career and engage in my favorite filed traveling. I have studied and I got Japanese national guide license. I would like to share my passion about traveling with you and introduce the giant city TOKYO to you. I deeply believe travel makes you richer in your intelligence and compassion. Japan is an island. It is different from the continental culture. Since Japan has closed the country for app 250 years during Edo period, Japan had a good time to develop an original culture. I really hope that you enjoy the country Japan.

Welcome to Japan and Tak guide tour.  Again travel is my passion.

【About our Tokyo tour and Bleisure guide tour 】

We support you to enjoy your time in Tokyo. We offer Bleisure guide tour which is a combination of  Japanese⇆English Business interpretation service for exhibition and/or business meeting and tour guide service.

For a request of Bleisure guide tour, please contact to us by an inquiry form filling name, email address, subject and detail schedule.

We offer 3 kinds of private tour to propose to you.

A) Get tips to comprehend Japanese Business Practice via public transportation + by walking

This tour includes an hour lecture about Japanese business practice.

After the lecture, we will visit 3 sites to see and understand Japanese business practice from historic and cultural points of view. Japan has an original wholesaler and distributor business culture, money culture and religious culture. And it is important to know how the hierarchical world works in Japanese business. What is “Nemawashi”? What kind of business manner we need to respect when we have a business meeting with Japanese? At the end of tour, you will feel more friendly about Japanese business practice and feel easier to talk with Japanese, especially for business negotiation with Japanese.

Starting time; After 8:00 am (anytime by request from the guest)
Meeting point; Hotel in Tokyo or any place where a guest requests in Tokyo.
Language; English
Number of guest; up to 20 people

【itinerary example】

10:00 lecture at the hotel → 11:00 Fish Market and comprehend Japanese market culture → 12:30 Lunch time→ 14:00 Wholesaler street and comprehend a distributer system → 15:30 Visit Japanese Shrine and comprehend why Japanese comes here for business purpose → 16:30 Visit local Japanese drinking restaurant (Izakaya) and understand Japanese business drinking culture → 17:00 End of the tour

【Basic guide fee for max 6 guests including Japanese business practice lecture】

・Half Day within 4 hours; 70,000 yen + 10% tax

・Full Day within 7 hours; 100,000 yen + 10% tax

B) Personalized private tour via public transportation + by walking

This is a made-to-order tour only for your group. We can modify the schedule or make your own itinerary. Basically our tour is walking tour using a public transportation. If you would like to have a private car, we can arrange it.

Starting time; After 8:00 am (anytime by request from the guest)
Meeting point; Hotel in Tokyo or any place where a guest requests in Tokyo.
Language; English
Number of guest to accept; up to 20 people

【itinerary example for half day 4 hours】

ツアー写真①Exploring traditional Japanese cuisine culture;

9:30 Leaving from the hotel → 10:00 Tsukiji Fish outer market → 11:30 Asakusa → 12:30 Lunch at Tendon restaurant in Asakusa→13:30 Ending the tour around Asakusa

②Exploring Tokyo Kawaii fashion culture;

14:00 Leaving from the hotel→14:30 Meiji Jingu Shrine → 15:30 Harajuku → 16:30 Omotesando → 18:00 Shibuya/Cross-Walk and ending the tour

③Exploring Tokyo local district; 

10:00 Leaving from the hotel → 10:30 Old Shopping Street in Yanaka → Visiting several local temples → 12:30 Ueno including Ameyoko local market → 13:00 Enjoy street food around Ueno → 14:00 Ending the tour around Ueno

【itinerary example for one day 7 hours】

④Tokyo must see place for first visiter; 

9:30 Leaving from the hotel → 10:00 Tsukiji fish outer market → 11:30 Asakusa → 12:30 Lunch around Asakusa → 14:00 Meiji Jingu Shrine → 15:00 Harajuku→16:00 Ending the tour around Omotesando


⑤Modern Tokyo highlights;

9:30 Leaving from the hotel → 10:00 Shibuya → 11:30 Harajuku → 12:00 Lunch around Harajuku →14:00 Meiji Jingu Shrine → 15:30 Shinjuku & Shinjuku Gyoen → 16:30 Ending the tour in Shinjuku

⑥Enjoy Japanese tastes; 

10:00 Leaving from the hotel → 10:30 Gakugei-Daigakumae → 11:30 Nakameguro → 12:00 Lunch in Nakameguro → 13:30 Shibuya → 15:00 Roppongi → 16:00 Azabujuban → 17:00 Ending the tour around Tokyo Tower

⑦Japanese Daily life;

10:00 Leaving from the hotel → 10:30 Yanaka → Public Bath(Sento) Experience → 13:00 Lunch around Nippori → 14:30 Otsuka → Local train → 17:00 Waseda University and ending the tour

⑧Photogenic spots for Instagram influencer; 

10:00 Leaving from the hotel → 10:30 Imperial palace East garden → 12:00 Lunch at Monster Kawaii Cafe → 13:30 Harajuku → 15:00 Meiji Jingu Shrine → 16:30 Shibuya → 17:00 Ending the tour around Shibuya

⑨Japan Local food tour; 

9:30 Leaving from the hotel→ 10:00 Tsukiji fish outer market → 12:00 Sunamachi-Ginza → 14:30 Ramen, Gyoza, Izakaya restaurant → 16:30 Ending the tour around Kinshi-Cho

⑩ Visit Japanese Sake brewery;

9:00 Leaving from the hotel → Shinjuku station → 11:00 Visiting Sake Brewery and Tasting → 16:00 Coming back to Shinjuku station

【Basic guide fee including Japanese business practice lecture】

・Half Day within 4 hours; 50,000 yen + 10% tax

・Full Day within 7 hours;  80,000 yen + 10% tax

Important Notes for all tours

  • Max # for the private tour is 6 guests. The above basic guide fee is based on max 6 guests. If your group is more than 6 guests, the extra charge will be added. Please contact us for the quotation.
  • In the guide fee, any food/drink/transportation/entrance fee of tourist attraction etc for both guide and guest are not included. Those expenses are to be paid by guest.
  • Regarding the transportation, we recommend to purchase 24 hours Tokyo metro pass for the tour. It will cost 600 yen/person and the guest can take any Tokyo metro for 24 hours by this pass.
  • The private tour will be inside of Tokyo. If you request any tour to visit outside of Tokyo, like Yokohama, Kamakura, Nikko, Mt.Fuji,  we will make a quotation.


a) Personalized Private Tour via Private car in Tokyo

Private car can be arranged for the tour in Tokyo.  In the option price is  for max 4 guests. Gas, parking & toll fees for express way are included. Extra charge for 5 to 9 people depends on the size of the car to rent.

・Option price for half Day within 4 hours; + 40,000 yen included 10% tax

・Option price for full Day within 7 hours; + 60,000 yen included 10% tax

b) Japanese Sake Tasting at local Sake bar for 1.5 hour

You will taste about 12 kinds of different type of Sake. At the end of tour, you will find what kind of Japanese sake is your favorite flavor and taste. The guest also obtain an important tips regarding Japanese sake.

・8,000 JPY + 10% tax per guest over 20 years old

c) Japanese Drum music concert/Mangekyo by Dram TAO for 80 mins

・7,000 JPY + 10% tax per guest

Payment terms

All payment needs to be done by PayPal 2 week before the tour.

Cancellation Charges

100%; Received on same day
60%; 1 – 6 days before the tour
0%; 7 days before the tour
※Regarding refund fee including bank or Paypal charge will be beard by guest.


For booking or any inquiry, please contact us by an inquiry form or send an email to

More information about the tour is available here.