Tokyo Bleisure

What is “bleisure”?

“Bleisure” is a portmanteau of the words business and leisure, and refers to corporate travelers which also add leisure activities into their stay. Bleisure has become a booming customer segment for worldwide travelers.

For bleisure travelers, the primary advantages are likely to be a boost in morale and a reduction in stress. Allowing bleisure travel might help a business by increasing the number of employees who are actually willing to go away on business trips, while the subsequent morale boost can result in improvements to productivity.

And for the travel industry, the rise of the bleisure tourist means visitors who are willing to stay longer and spend more money in the process.

Finally it has a low impact on the environment because bleisure travelers can save a distance of travel using airplane for total.

It says bleisure is sophisticated new culture which will grow more and more.

Welcome to “Tokyo Bleisure”

Tokyo Bleisure is an outsourced business development and sales team that helps Western and Middle-East startup companies to accelerate revenue growth in Japan. We offer a diverse range of services to foreign-based businesses looking to enter or expand in the Japanese market. Not only for business support but we also offer life support and leisure services for clients to get the most out of life.

As a sales & marketing advisor, we identifies qualified resellers, OEM customers and key executives to build the foundation for success in the Japanese market. If it is first time for you to come to the Japanese market, we start from the market research and establish the best strategic planning for sales and marketing.

As a sales representative for your product in Japan, we establish and/or expand sales channels in Japan and recruit core personnel to accelerate revenue growth.

We also offer a family life support service for foreign expats and their family.
At the beginning of an adventure to Japan your Japanese skills may not be enough to go through life in a country so far from home and you may face alone a lot of challenges and difficulties.

Resident registration, public health insurance, bank account opening procedures, mobile phone & internet opening, hospital visit, schools registration, how to switch to Japanese drivers license, how to act for emergency case by earthquake and typhoon, how to become friendly with Japanese neighborhoods….

That’s why we take care of our guests with necessary documents, information and deadlines. We can therefore help you with all possible assistance during your stay in Japan, so you will be enjoying the experience without concerns.

And we are also a travel advisor and we have travel guiding service, we would arrange an original tour for you. Since you are in Japan, We would like you to take this advantage to visit around Japan and experience all kinds of food, music, cultures and perspective.

For short-period visitors, we would arrange a bleisure trip, including business interpretation service and leisure guiding during your stay in Japan.

How to penetrate the Japanese market?

How to explore Japanese complexity in business, human networking and community.

You need a Japanese local partner to guide in this complexity. Otherwise you may lose time and money doing your own way.


Why “Tokyo Bleisure”?

・Professional local specialists (International business over 10 years)
・One stop service from market research to strategic planning.
・Marketing & sales based on the strategic planning.
・Establish trust with Japanese clients and venders.
・Understand the complexity of Japanese business.
・Clear-off any obstacles relating Japanese business practice.


・Market research
・Strategic planning to expand business
・Sales advisor
・Sales representation
・Family life support service for expats
・Private lecture about local business model & business practice
・Japanese ⇆ English Interpretation
・Business meeting attend
・Bleisure tour guide

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