One Luck face mask

Reusable, eco-friendly face mask using Japanese natural paper.


One Luck products are eco-friendly, eczema-friendly and made in Japan.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

Breathe Easy


One Luck’s special fabric is suitable for sensitive skin with all types of allergies (including eczema/atopic dermatitis) or skin problems.

One Luck’s special fabric breathes so well, it is softer and cooler to the touch than any cotton. (It may slightly vary depending on the individual) Also, moisture-absorbing and quick-dry.

One Luck’s special fabric has bacteriostatic and deodorant effect which prevents odor from transferring to the mask and bacteria to grow.

About One Luck

Co-founder of “One Luck” Kosaku Sano had the idea to use Japanese paper as main material for the fabric of their products after his son was born suffering from severe eczema (atopic dermatitis).
After going through years of trials and errors, he created a fabric that can be used safely by anyone, even people who suffer from eczema. 
Also, this special fabric is very ecological that biodegrades and return to soil in just 3 months (cotton usually takes 2 to 3 years).

Washi - 和紙

What is so special about Japanese paper?

Washi is the Japanese word for the traditional papers made from the long inner fibers of three plants, Wa meaning Japanese and Shi meaning paper.

1400 years since the craft began, the Japaneses continue to produce papers of exceptional quality and infinite variety, both hand and machinemade, for a panorama of uses such as many traditional arts origami, ukiyo-e and even for kimono.

100% Made in Japan


Self: 80% Japanese rice paper, 20% poly
Strap: 100% poly

Production site

Product size
Height: 14cm  Width: 18cm  Strap length: 11cm
Size may vary due to natural fabric material.

Unbleached organic colour.

About 1 week
(We will confirm the delivery date by email once we receive your order)

Product description
This mask can be used for regular sanitary reasons: hay fever, cold/flu, etc. It will come with a portable zip-lock package. 

It’s recommended to hand wash or use a mild detergent with a washing net, dry it in the shade. Do not wash with coloured items.

*This mask doesn’t ensure 100% protection against viruses covid-19. You may use additional filters with the mask.
*Please wash and dry it after use. 

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