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We support the creation of new business opportunities through tourism inbound.

A record 31.88 million tourists visited Japan in 2019. At present, the global spread of the new coronavirus makes it difficult for tourists to freely cross country borders, but when the spread of the new coronavirus is brought under control, the global tourism industry will be headed for growth again.

It takes some time to start a new business. Yet it will be too late to start new initiatives once the demand for inbound tourism has returned. Right now, the Japanese government is supporting businesses with many grants and subsidies, including many that are related to tourism inbound. Now that we are standing still due to the effects of the new coronavirus, there are many things we can do.

Tourism Sustainability Certification Acquisition

Tourist Routes for Middle East Customers
Planning and content creation

Social networking marketing with Instagram

Global Business Lab

Tourism Sustainability Certification Acquisition

Taking a new step towards sustainable tourism

Sustainability is gaining attention around the world with the SDGs. In the tourism industry, the concept of sustainability is indispensable in order to protect the lives of local people while receiving an increasing number of tourists. We can help you introduce sustainability thinking in your tourism business and support you in obtaining global sustainability certifications (such as GSTC).

Connecting Japan with the world and creating value through experiential tourism programs

We provide in-depth country-specific marketing consulting and sales support to attract tourists from Europe, the U.S., Australia and the Middle East.

1. Projection

A diverse group of professionals will be involved.

An outsider's perspective is essential to discovering the appeal of a region. Our staff, who come from diverse backgrounds, ages, and nationalities will travel to the area with diverse perspectives to uncover the charms that are unique to the area.

2. Marketing

A bird's-eye view area marketing that is not influenced by trends

Based on the surveys on the attraction of the area and related statistical data, we organize the points of differentiation from surrounding municipalities and other areas across the country and clarify the positioning of the area. As regions change, so do the countries of choice and target. We insist on planning strategies based on both statistical data and grounded, on-the-ground information gathering.

3. Polish

Creating a mechanism for money to trickle down into the community through hands-on programs.

Even if the number of foreign tourists increases, if they don't engage in consumption activities, money will not get into the region and the local economy will not be revitalized. We support the creation of experiential programs with the aim of improving the length of stay and increasing the amount of money spent.

4. Fanbase expansion

We create a system to attract tourists to visit our city by matching local area with foreign travel agencies and tourists. We also provide consulting services on how to increase the satisfaction level of foreign travel agencies and tourists. In addition, we have a deep network of overseas travel agency partners that we have cultivated through door-to-door sales in foreign countries. Generally speaking, travel agencies have different customer bases and areas of expertise. By sharing the right information to the right travel agencies, we can effectively form a fan base in your region.

5. Organizational development

Building awareness and consensus building in the entire region is necessary for the region to accept inbound tourism as a whole. In order to deepen the consensus-building process sustainably as a town, we are developing a system in a way that is acceptable to all parties involved.

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Get likes from abroad! Social networking marketing with Instagram

Social networking marketing with Instagram management as the main focus

Our company's SNS marketing is made up of four main components centered on Instagram operation agency, and we will take measures suitable for your branding.

In Instagram marketing, we are able to provide solutions in various operation areas, from boosting the launch of an Instagram account to vitalizing existing accounts. We have seen a rapid increase in the number of Instagram management consultations with us. Companies are placing more importance on SNS marketing, and we will support companies and partners who are having trouble with Instagram management by acting as an Instagram management agency. We invite you to take advantage of our SNS marketing, that offers various advantages compared to others.

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Account Management

Our Instagram management agency can help with Instagram management, from opening a new account, to drafting (creative captions), to reactivating existing accounts, to regular posting and campaign management. Instagram management increases in effectiveness in proportion to the number of posts. We will do this for you. Even if you don't have enough material to post to your brand's Instagram, we can measure the expansion of your posting theme through UGC to ensure effective Instagram account management.

It is important for the Instagram management agency to understand the purpose of the Instagram account itself in the first place; if the Instagram user needs and the company's objectives are close to each other, the distance will naturally be closer, and for this reason, we can see what kind of theme to operate the Instagram account with . Our Instagram management agency can tailor a theme for your company based on the deep psychology that Instagram users have at their core.

Initial Design

We can open an Instagram account or improve an existing account based on the initial design to maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram operation.


Design personas for Instagram operations.

Tone and manner design

Design the rules needed to operate your Instagram account.

Content Design

Designing content that will resonate with your base.

Hashtag design

Design hashtags to maximize your reach on Instagram.


We provide image and video creation, drafting, feed posting, stories posting and campaign management for Instagram management, as well as Instagram ad management to achieve KPIs.

Posting frequency: 4 to 20 times per month


Manuscript preparation and review

We will review your manuscript (creative caption) required for Instagram operation and confirm if there is problem or not.


Feed Posting

Instagram operation will post to the Instagram feed at the optimal time for the posting theme. Hashtags will be supported as needed.


Stories post

We take full advantage of Instagram Stories feature to reach users that you can't reach with your feed. We maximize your Instagram operations by utilizing the full functionality of Instagram Stories.


Campaign Management

Apart from the regular posting of Instagram operations, we plan and operate SNS campaigns. We can operate your Instagram campaign according to your objectives, such as maximizing your reach and gaining followers.

Reporting and Regular meetings

For Instagram management support, we will hold regular monthly meetings and utilize Instagram analysis tools and Instagram insights to report and tune Instagram management content on a case-by-case basis By doing so, you can expect to improve the effectiveness of your Instagram operation.

Global Business Lab

What is the Global Business Lab for Tourism Inbound?

Since 2013, there has been a rapid increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan. The surge is due to the easing of visas to enter Japan for certain countries, especially Asia, the increase in the middle class in East Asia, and the ease of obtaining more information from abroad, such as social networking sites.

31.88 million foreign tourists visited Japan in 2019. The global spread of the new coronavirus has temporarily slowed down the growth of the global tourism industry, but we believe that the global tourism industry will regain its vitality once the spread of the new coronavirus is under control. It takes a lot of energy and time to implement new initiatives. The Tourism Inbound Global Business Lab is a service that provides such companies and municipalities with an integrated approach to planning and, in some cases, supporting the implementation of new initiatives in a participatory manner. We recommend using the Global Business Lab for the following

However, implementing new initiatives requires a significant amount of energy and time. The Global Business Lab is a service that provides such companies with an integrated approach to planning, planning and, in some cases, supporting the implementation of new initiatives in a participatory manner.

The Global Business Lab is ideal you if you think the following:

"We have been entrusted with a new business for inbound tourism, but do not know where to start."

"I have specific ideas but I don't have the human resources to put them into shape."

"I want to tackle on new challenges but I can't come up with any ideas."

"I am wondering if I can expand current products and services in other countries."

"I would like to use subsidies."

Advantages of the Global Business Lab

The pace of innovation is ever increasing. If you stay too focused on one thing, you may be left behind before realizing it.

The Global Business Lab is Earth Explore's companionship-based consulting service. We work with you to find solutions for each of your business' diverse business challenges and work together to solve them.

We think together

Our job at the Global Business Lab is to promote new initiatives. We will work with you to introduce new ideas, and we will work together to move them forward.

We connect you to the rest of the world

We have a team of experienced overseas business people who will support you. We also provide English support, so that you can connect with 1.5 billion people around the world. In addition, you will be able to pursue new possibilities for your business by getting the latest information from around the world.

Identify and refine essential issues

Are the issues you are seeing now really are issues that your company needs to address? It is not uncommon for the president of a small or medium-sized company to face and think about these issues alone. We collect information surrounding the management of the company and organize the information in a framework to identify the essential issues that the company needs to overcome. By analyzing the issues logically, we dig deep into the essential issues, formulate solutions to the discovered essential issues, and produce results.

How to use the Global Business Lab

Many business owners have issues such as "What should be done to progress", "There are not enough resources", and "I need a right-hand man I can trust". We are ready to take on all kinds of challenges together.


Project Consulting Support

We work together to promote your plan and listen to your thoughts, and together we support the realization of those thoughts.


Spot consulting support

We solve specific problems within a set deadline.


Ad Agency Type Support

PR Agency Substitution
We specialize in the PR part of the business and make customer reactions a top priority.

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