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We export Japanese eGames, eSports, anime, manga and other Japanese content to the Middle East market centered on the Dubai market. We also provide support for Japanese start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to visit Dubai and other markets, participate in exhibitions and expand sales channels.

We believe that it is important to carefully consider expanding your business overseas from Japan as Japan is a unique market and because the business models that can be done are different.

Without an opportunity, it is difficult to consider expanding overseas. The trigger is information and a structure to support it. It is not as difficult as it may seem. You may think it is a very difficult challenge due to language barriers and a lack of precise information, but we will provide the information and structure advices to support it.

In addition, it is important for companies that are considering expanding their business in the West and Middle East to understand the latest business culture and "rules of the game". In Europe, America, Europe and the Middle East, the concept of sustainability is deeply embedded in business. This is not just about running eco-friendly businesses. The rules of the European and global economy are being revised. In order to grow business globally, it is now necessary to develop our business with sustainability in mind. We will also support you in formulating management strategies that incorporate the concept of global "sustainability" and in dealing with ESG external evaluation agencies.

First ESG external evaluation

Expansion of sales channels and sales representation in the Middle East

Global Leader Development

Global Business Lab

First ESG external evaluation

Analyze your place in the global market and think about what you can do

In recent years, “ESG investment”, which utilizes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors has been attracting attention in Japan for investment decisions. An increasing number of companies are beginning to respond to questionnaires from ESG assessment organizations such as CDP and DJSI, in response to the increased demand from investors for proactive disclosure of ESG information that will lead to increased corporate value in the future. We provide hands-on consulting support for companies that have not been assessed by an ESG external evaluation organization, but are considering the possibility of doing so in the future.

Expansion of sales channels and sales representation in the Middle East

Japanese Games, eSport, anime, manga and other content to the Middle East

We support export sales and business expansion to Dubai market focusing on entertainment content such as Japanese eGames and esports.

In addition to comprehensive support for entering the Dubai market, we offer a wide range of menus such as online site visits, exhibition / participation, sales channel expansion (sales agency, search for sales agents), market research using SNS, etc. to support business expansion. We also handle small-scale projects and spot projects.

Dubai marketing research using social networks

Why social networks?

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is a very new country, less than half a century old. As such, the most advanced systems have been introduced in all fields. This applies to SNS which were introduced long before Japan and it can be said that the penetration rate to the people is extremely high. The main media medium in Dubai is not TV or newspapers like other countries. There are only a few TV stations in Dubai and since it is received by satellite broadcasting, SNS is becoming the mainstream way of advertising commercials as it is more popular among people. Therefore, this is the reason why domestic market research should be done through SNS.

SNS Marketing Features

The marketing service we provide relies on our large database in Dubai, where we collect detailed analysis of people's behaviour and conduct highly accurate market research.

The database includes SNS use data from Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

We can provide you with highly accurate analysis results in data based on the behaviour of locals in the market research that we have developed, for more or less equivocal questions such as "We want to expand this kind of Japanese products to Dubai, but what is the local opinion, what kind of colours, shapes and services will be preferred?".

Service Overview

Our service is based on from 100-person surveys and market research. The cost of a market survey of 100 people is¥100,000 per project.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other requests.

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Global Leader Development Training

Ongoing business and community service

As part of our multi-faceted service support, we provide training in a wide range of markets, not only in the economic aspects of the region, but also in geopolitical areas, as well as training in the human resources needed to create business on a global scale.

We believe that training in Japanese by local professionals will deepen understanding and develop continuous services that can contribute to the local community.

Dubai is said to be the gateway to the Middle East market. From Dubai, it is possible expanding laterally into the Middle East and then into North and East Africa. These regions have very strong historical ties and market homogeneity due to the same language and culture. The deeper you understand your market, the more opportunities you will be able to find in this wider region, not just in one country.

In the coming years, the most important factor of global business development will be the development of global human resources. The biggest reason why Japanese small and medium-sized companies are not able to create business on a global scale is the lack of global human resources. Companies in the Middle East, in particular, prefer to do business directly with Japanese SMEs, preferring to communicate and negotiate directly with them. However, due to language barriers and differences in business practices, there are not many Japanese SMEs that can meet the demands of Middle Eastern companies that want to build direct relationships with them. With a medium to long-term view, we provide support to develop global human resources internally through training.

Global Business Lab

It is important for a company to continue their operation by taking new initiatives such as launching new business globally, improving current management efficiency and expanding sales channels.

However, implementing new initiatives requires a significant amount of energy and time. The Global Business Lab is a service that provides such companies with an integrated approach to planning, planning and, in some cases, supporting the implementation of new initiatives in a participatory manner.

The Global Business Lab is ideal you if you think the following:

Advantages of the Global Business Lab

The pace of innovation is ever increasing. If you stay too focused on one thing, you may be left behind before realizing it.

The Global Business Lab is Earth Explore's companionship-based consulting service. We work with you to find solutions for each of your business' diverse business challenges and work together to solve them.

We think together

Our job at the Global Business Lab is to promote new initiatives. We will work with you to introduce new ideas, and we will work together to move them forward.

We connect you to the rest of the world

We have a team of experienced overseas business people who will support you. We also provide English support, so that you can connect with 1.5 billion people around the world. In addition, you will be able to pursue new possibilities for your business by getting the latest information from around the world.

Identify and refine essential issues

Are the issues you are seeing now really are issues that your company needs to address? It is not uncommon for the president of a small or medium-sized company to face and think about these issues alone. We collect information surrounding the management of the company and organize the information in a framework to identify the essential issues that the company needs to overcome. By analyzing the issues logically, we dig deep into the essential issues, formulate solutions to the discovered essential issues, and produce results.

How to use the Global Lab

Many business owners have issues such as "What should be done to progress", "There are not enough resources", and "I need a right-hand man I can trust". We are ready to take on all kinds of challenges together.


Global Business Lab

We work together to promote your plan and listen to your thoughts, and together we support the realization of those thoughts.


Spot consulting support

We solve specific problems within a set deadline.


Ad Agency Type Support

PR Agency Substitution
We specialize in the PR part of the business and make customer reactions a top priority.

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