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Most foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market are often hindered by language barriers and a conservative culture in the Japanese market, and many give up early on.

While large companies have access to ample funds and human resources to expand into Japan, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are stuck with this problem.

However, there are many aspects of Japan that are lagging behind other developed countries, such as education and IT industries. The entrance of foreign companies brings diversity to the Japanese industry. And for foreign companies, they can further improve their business by incorporating the kaizen capacity that has sustained Japan since the country's high economic growth period into their businesses.

Feasibility Study

Expansion of sales channels in Japan


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Feasibility Study

When entering a new market, a feasibility study is conducted to determine whether or not to enter the market by thoroughly examining the market's attractiveness (market size, market characteristics, etc.) and the company's competitive advantages and weaknesses (competitive environment, strengths and weaknesses, etc.), as well as making financial decisions such as the amount of investment required and cash flow forecasts.

Business expansion into a new market requires investment in equipment, IT and other infrastructure, local personnel, and human resources such as hiring and dispatching employees to Japan. Therefore, a feasibility study is a great way to clarify the issues to be addressed and the action plan before taking any action to enter the Japanese market.

We can assist you in Japan, from the preliminary preparation to the onsite survey and post survey. Through to the final decision-making process, we thoroughly investigate the project's "feasibility" from technical, economic and social perspectives.

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For overseas companies that are interested in expanding their business in Japan and have the following needs:
■ A need for examination and validation of a market expansion plan to Japan.
■ A need to investigate the market for products and the investment environment of production bases at candidate sites.
■ A need to free oneself from worries about information and language barriers when investigating alone.

Target Location

All Japan

General F/S items


Every region of Japan is unique. In addition to our extensive local knowledge, we have the flexibility to conduct studies in line with the client's wishes, and are able to provide a wide range of services from short-term studies of a few weeks to large-scale studies of several months' duration, depending on the client's requirements.


American EdTech Service Company

In addition to understanding the challenges and needs of the U.S. EdTECH services market, we also conducted a quantitative analysis of new business opportunities due to future legal and regulatory changes, as well as a thorough analysis of the Japanese education system and industry structure. We offer support with the expansion of sales channels in the Japanese market.


Step 1

Pre-planning for the site survey

Face-to-face, individual consultations with our experts.

Gathering and analysis of preliminary information and advice based on your plans.

Translation of material for use in field research.

Preliminary Market Research

Step 2

Field research in Japan

Accompanying experts for local surveys in Japan and providing local advice.

Experts of field surveys and on-site advising will accompany you to support your investigative activities overseas. (If requested by a company, we will provide appropriate support, including the accompaniment of a local advisor, depending on the scale of the F/S.)

Step 3

Follow-up after the survey is conducted

We will give advice such as revision and review of the business plan based on the information obtained in the F / S survey.

Expansion of sales channels in Japan

Given the unique nature of the Japanese market, we provide solutions to a wide range of issues and themes, focusing on market trend research, industry structure research, competitor research, listings, etc.

In addition to custom research services that address our clients' unique marketing challenges, we provide total support from research design to analysis and reporting.

Depending on the research results, we clarify the issues that need to be addressed and develop localization and sales channel expansion strategies to solve them.

It is very effective to use local distributors and sales representative services as a way to expand sales channels. We provide consistent, multi-faceted support, from creating and introducing a list of local sales agents to providing sales representation services led by our members.

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The main challenges of expansion

We provide total support to solve these problems, including research, analysis and reporting, as well as consulting, market research and sales channel expansion support, including future vision.

The size of the Japanese market is large and the benefits of success are significant. In addition, there is a good chance that the demand for services and products that do not exist in Japan will increase in the Japanese market. Although domestic demand in Japan is sluggish, there is still room to capture customers with services and products that do not exist in Japan. In addition, the business environment in Japan is well-developed and the skills and job performance of Japanese employees are higher than in other Asian countries.

For foreign companies, the main barriers to entering the Japanese market are the language barrier and the uniqueness and complexity of the market. In order to overcome these barriers, they need to conduct a thorough market analysis and work together with local partners to solve the challenges.

Huge time and cost

It is necessary to travel to various information sources to collect data, and building a human network is time-consuming and expensive.

Hard to derive results/answers.

Unlike other Asian countries, Japan has its own trends and taste. It also has unique business practices and needs local help.

Not much visibility

It is difficult to grasp the trends and special characteristics of the Japanese market and to envision the future. The language barrier makes it difficult to contact sales agents and sales representative candidates.

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Tokyo Bleisure

What is Tokyo Bleisure ?

In the age of the coronavirus, new values putting people and the Earth are being popularized.

Tokyo Bleisure is our comprehensive service for foreign business travelers visiting Japan, encompassing business and private time.

Bleisure which is attracting worldwide attention is a coined word that originated in the English-speaking region and combines business (work) and leisure (leisure). Bleisure is expanding mainly in Europe and the United States, with the idea that business travelers take vacations before and after business trips and enjoy private trips at their business trip destinations. For example, IT companies in the United States are paying attention as one measure to increase employee engagement. In addition, it is effective from the viewpoint of time efficiency and environmental protection because it is highly interested by millennials who are not bound by the values ​​so far and can take work and vacation efficiently. Especially when considering the sustainability of the earth, it is very important to consciously reduce CO2 emissions by reducing long-distance travel by airplane.

Bleisure is also a very promising market for Tokyo. On February 6, 2019, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. announced "Survey research on bleisure needs and reconstruction measures of business travelers visiting Tokyo". According to this research, the bleisure market in Tokyo is about 1.5 million /year which is about 10% of foreign visitors to Tokyo. In addition, Tokyo's share of the bleisure market in Japan is the 60% at largest.

We are engaged in the training and dispatch of bleisure guides for foreign business visitors to Japan who attend business meetings with Japanese companies and provide tourist information during private time on the same day. In business negotiations, it is important not only to interpret, but also to understand the nuances of what the other party is saying and to negotiate so as to appeal to the other party's emotions. It is very difficult for foreigners to immediately understand Japan's unique business customs, national character and non-verbal communication. Our bleisure guides with global business experience not only support the success of business in Japan, but also provide high-quality tourist information, so that limitted time for foreign business travelers to Japanc can be used effectively.

We also believe that foreign business visitors to Japan will be more interested in Japan through sightseeing and cultural experiences in their private time, which will lead to the success of their business in Japan.

Japanese-English bleisure guide fee (tax included) in Tokyo

Within 4 hours : 77,000 yen 

Within 8 hours : 132,000 yen

The price does not include food and drink, transportation, facility use fees and entrance fees for guests and guides. These fees are basically at the guest's expense. Please contact us if you would like to visit outside of Tokyo.


Participating in offline and online exhibitions in Japan

Trade shows are a very effective sales marketing tool

Trade shows are a great way to do business in Japan. It has the advantage of capturing a large number of targeted leads at a low unit price. However, exhibitions in Japan are deviate slightly from global standards. Overseas exhibitions are basically a place to conduct business negociations, but in Japan, these business negociations are born out of follow-up meetings after the exhibition. Exhibitions are a place to acquire new leads. By preparing for and responding to exhibitions from a local perspective, you can exhibit at trade shows with results.

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