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For Japanese Companies

Seize New Business Opportunities in the Middle East with Japanese eGames and eSports

We export Japanese eGames, eSports, anime, manga and other Japanese content to the Middle East market centered on the Dubai market. We also provide support for Japanese start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to visit Dubai and other markets, participate in exhibitions and expand sales channels.

We believe that it is important to carefully consider expanding your business overseas from Japan as Japan is a unique market and because the business models that can be done are different.

Without an opportunity, it is difficult to consider expanding overseas. The trigger is information and a structure to support it. It is not as difficult as it may seem. You may think it is a very difficult challenge due to language barriers and a lack of precise information, but we will provide the information and structure advices to support it.

In addition, it is important for companies that are considering expanding their business in the West and Middle East to understand the latest business culture and "rules of the game". In Europe, America, Europe and the Middle East, the concept of sustainability is deeply embedded in business. This is not just about running eco-friendly businesses. The rules of the European and global economy are being revised. In order to grow business globally, it is now necessary to develop our business with sustainability in mind. We will also support you in formulating management strategies that incorporate the concept of global "sustainability" and in dealing with ESG external evaluation agencies.

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Expansion of sales channels and sales representation in the Middle East

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For Inbound Tourism Businesses

The time has come for inbound businesses to expand overseas

Now that inbound tourism has temporarily slowed, there is an opportunity to upgrade businesses relying on it.

A record 31.88 million tourists visited Japan in 2019. At present, the global spread of the new coronavirus makes it difficult for tourists to freely cross country borders, but when the spread of the new coronavirus is brought under control, the global tourism industry will be headed for growth again.

It takes some time to start a new business. Yet it will be too late to start new initiatives once the demand for inbound tourism has returned. Right now, the Japanese government is supporting businesses with many grants and subsidies, including many that are related to tourism inbound. Now that we are standing still due to the effects of the new coronavirus, there are many things we can do.

Tourism sustainability certification acquirement

Planning of touristic routes and creation of contents for Middle Eastern customers

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For Foreign Companies

Supporting Japan Market Entry

Most foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market are often hindered by language barriers and a conservative culture in the Japanese market, and many give up early on.

While large companies have access to ample funds and human resources to expand into Japan, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are stuck with this problem.

However, there are many aspects of Japan that are lagging behind other developed countries, such as education and IT industries. The entrance of foreign companies brings diversity to the Japanese industry. And for foreign companies, they can further improve their business by incorporating the kaizen capacity that has sustained Japan since the country's high economic growth period into their businesses.

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