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Site visit and exhibition in Dubai and expansion of sales channels

We support export sales and business expansion to Dubai market focusing on entertainment content such as Japanese eGames and esports. In addition to comprehensive support for entering the Dubai market, we offer a wide range of menus such as online site visits, exhibition / participation, sales channel expansion (sales agency, search for sales agents), market research using SNS, etc. to support business expansion. We also handle small-scale projects and spot projects.

Sales channel expansion and sales representative support in the Japanese market for overseas companies

We help technology start-ups from Europe, the US and the Middle East to enter the Japanese market. Our services include feasibility studies for business, product, service or project, finding local partners and distributors in Japan, online site visits, exhibition participation, and travel guide services. We do.

Expansion of sales channels in the Middle East through inbound tourism and participation in EC malls

It is an invisible loss of opportunity that selling products and services that are extremely popular with foreign tourists only in Japan. Cross-border EC is attracting attention as a measure for "After Travel". Demand derived from tourism inbound is expanding, and cross-border EC is the place to capture this demand. In addition to cross-border EC, you can also find local partners and distributors in the target country and aim to expand sales channels. We support the expansion of sales channels in the Middle East market starting from tourism inbound.

Global Business Lab & Consulting

The Global Business Lab is our consulting service. We can work with you to develop a plan for your company's challenges and support its implementation. We recommend this service to companies that are new to overseas expansion and tourism inbound business but do not know what to do. With our hands-on support for global business creation, you can choose from three types of plans: a project type for mid- to long-term initiatives, a task (spot) type for time-sensitive tasks, and an advertising type for product and service promotion only.


Support for ESG external first-time evaluation

In recent years, “ESG investment”, which utilizes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors has been attracting attention in Japan for investment decisions. An increasing number of companies are beginning to respond to questionnaires from ESG assessment organizations such as CDP and DJSI, in response to the increased demand from investors for proactive disclosure of ESG information that will lead to increased corporate value in the future. We provide hands-on consulting support for companies that have not been assessed by an ESG external evaluation organization, but are considering the possibility of doing so in the future.

Planning and implementation of tourism inbound strategy with sustainability in mind

Sustainability is gaining a lot of attention around the world, especially with the SDGs. In the tourism industry, the concept of sustainability is indispensable to receive a large number of tourists while protecting the lives of local people. We help you to introduce the concept of sustainability into your tourism business and to obtain global sustainability certifications (GSTC, etc.). We also provide advisory services related to hosting environment improvement, tour route planning, branding and customer attraction targeting foreign tourists from Europe, the United States, Australia and the Middle East.

Global Leader Development

Global Leader Development Training

What are the challenges for Japanese SMEs to expand overseas? In general, the most common challenges are securing customers, securing the necessary funds, securing reliable partners and advisors, and understanding the market trends and needs of the destination country. However, the biggest problem is the ability to support managers. With the development of technology and the ease with which we can communicate with people around the world, the managers of foreign companies are hoping to build direct relationships with their Japanese counterparts. However, if we fail to meet the expectations of the executives of foreign companies due to the language barrier or lack of experience in global business, the project may come to a standstill. We have faced this problem. We are working on a global leadership development project for Japanese SME managers.

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